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Spinal mobilization is a type of passive movement of a spinal segment or region. It is usually performed with the aim of achieving a therapeutic effect. Spinal mobilization has been described as "a gentle, often oscillatory, passive movement applied to a spinal region or segment so as gently to increase the passive range of motion of that segment or region.


Spinal Manipulation is a high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust techniques that is widely used by many manual medicine disciplines to treat spinal dysfunction. Techniques of this type are associated with an audible release in the form of a pop or cracking sound that is widely accepted to represent cavitation of a spinal zygapophyseal joint. This audible release distinguishes HVLA thrust techniques from other manual medicine interventions.

Common Treatment Indications :

‘Joint fixation’, ‘Joint locking’,  Neck pain, Thoracic spine pain, Lumbosacral pain, Cervicogenic headaches,  Tension headaches 

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