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NASA developed the differential air pressure technique as a way for astronauts to exercise and maintain conditioning in space. In 2012, NASA purchased the P200 model to use for pre-flight and post-flight training of International Space Station astronauts.  Alter-G now holds a patent for this technology, which employs air pressure to adjust the users body weight on the treadmill between 20% and 100% of normal weight.  We use this technology in the rehab setting to help bridge those patients who either need protected weight bearing, or need to re-train normative gait patterning.  

Common Treatment Indications :

Post-op joint replacement to Hip and knee,  Lumbar surgery,  Neurological dysfunction (MS,)  Post-op Knee reconstruction, Ankle pain or post-op,  generalized deconditioned individuals who need to improve gait endurance or tolerances.

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